design of custom boxes no minimum totally depends upon the type of product

A well-mannered and arranged product can get more attention as compare to irregularly arranged products. The regularity and managed looks can be given you only by custom boxes no minimum. As these boxes are custom so these are available in all shapes and styles. These are a regular part of our everyday life and are equally use in working places as well as in residential areas. These boxes have the capacity of creativeness of style and design. For each size and style of products whether heavy or small custom boxes are confidently used. In modern ages the importance of packing boxes are high this is due to the fact that each and every product needs transportation and movement which was not an easy task in past but now the use of custom made boxes made it easy for to move your product easily and repeatedly.

Being custom you can make these boxes in any of your desire style. The design of custom boxes no minimum totally depends upon the type of product or use in business.

Some of the common box styles used today are as follow:

Slotted boxes:

These are one piece corrugated boxes having joining at one point only. Side panels and end panels are joined at one point. Slotted which are blank help to fold the box. Flaps on the boxes are easy to handle again and again and these are specially made ship flat. Some common types of slotted boxes are as

Regular slotted – these boxes have two outer big flaps having the half of the size of the box. Rest of the flaps is of same size. All the flaps meet in the center. And cover the product completely. For extra protection additional pads are also inserted inside.

Half slotted – these are just like the upper one in all features. The only difference is that the upper set of flaps is absent in this case.

Full overlap slotted – in this case all the flaps are of same size as the width of the box. When they overlap, they overlap completely on each other. This type of packing is for more delicate and heavy items or for all those which require additional protection.

Overlap slotted – outer flaps are more in length and rest of flaps are of same length.  when they overlap they meet in center and overlap just one inch or few inches on each other. These are easy to seal.

Center slotted – inner and outer flaps meet at the center and having different lengths. The leading feature is this become strong as having double thickness of sheets after closing. There is no gap in inner flaps. This style is more lengthy having double the length of the box as compare to its width.

Four panel boxes:

Four panel boxes also have flaps which meet at different places. Some common types of four panel boxes are as

Reverse tuck end – in this style when we close the box the from top front part hinged and back is tucked. Opposite closing is on the bottom side. These are use d in medical and cosmetics disciplines and have more better view of graphics.

Straight tuck end – in this style the closing pattern is same for top and bottom. These are mostly made up of smooth paper with a window on one side. These are used to hold software items and toys.

Tuck end with hand bags these are just like straight tuck end boxes having hand carry options. These carriers are either on the top or on the side of the box. These are used to handle small delicate objects and are prefer to display on walls or shelves with the help of hand bags.

Snap lock bottom – these are close from the bottom and tuck end from the top. This combination is erected and close from the bottom. These are preferably used in food industry and pharmaceutical industry.

Top Auto lock bottom – in this style the simple box after closing made tuck end from the top and are glued from the bottom. This style enables the box to handle heavy objects without damaging them.

Tray boxes:

These are flat boxes without lid on the top having the shape of tray. These are used in the shelves in the malls and shops to display small products and cards.

Telescoping boxes:

These are two piece boxes slide on each other. Upper box in slightly larger than smaller. These are more elegant and stylish and are used to give gifts to loves ones.

Sleeves boxes:

If a product require maximum exposure then sleeve boxes are used. These are directly inserted on the products or on the tray which have the product. This give a clear view from the sides and are more cheap then all but look stylish. These are used in beauty industry mostly.

Earn money with new businesses with huge profit easily

Business news is the source of relevant business which is now days have best income and profit. There are many types of businesses that are initiated by people but not all are worthy. Family companies and family business are nowadays earning so much profit. Many people think that the family business is the common business which runs the grocery store. There is some latest news about the trend that is going on in the market which you can follow. These types of business are giving higher pay rate and initial growth of profit. People must start these kinds of business in order to earn some large amount of money. These types of businesses are not common in Pakistan. Only rich people can afford to start the business, but you can hire the deserving people and start your new business very soon.

Steel mill business:

The world’s largest growing business is the steel mill business which is so famous in the world. Many people want to analyze that things cannot be changed until you have the power to change these things. Arcelormittal is the steel mill company who earns US 79 billion dollars as the private employer.

Hyundai motors:

They are earning 10 billion dollars on the basis of the month. They also compete with Japanese cars and show the record to many businesses. Our advice is to open up their franchise in your area so that you will easily earn large amount of money.

Ford Company has large business:

Ford Company is one of the best years in its history and revenue is increased and you can sell many businesses in your country. They are qualified providers of cars and people can start their business by doing franchising of them.

Samsung Electronics:

Samsung is the electronic company which has the largest business. They make the South Korean smartphones, which are easy to use whenever you wanted to use. Billion dollars can earn using their business all you need to do is setup the best store for them.

Toyota motors:

Toyota motors are earning billions of dollars in a day. People buy the cars from them and then sell it wherever they want it to sell. All you need is to have clear understanding of how and which car you must buy and when to sell. The market price of cars cannot ever be so slow and you will buy as many cars and sell whenever you want to sell it.

There are many other businesses like food productions where millions of dollars can easily be earn without any loss. People must be secure about their businesses and not get tired of doing on daily basis.

A glorious Vietnam airline for Boeing fans

Vietnam airline is just so awesome and glorious for the betterment of the future. Travel lovers want to enjoy the airline in the better environment. It is so important to know that Vietnam airline much impressive than all others line. They introduced it the new aero plane that is the Boeing one and so important. Many researches have been found that you must go to the deep valleys to enjoy the travelling. Many people are so true to love each other and they find some important places. Two buses were fallen down in the swat valley because of heavy rain. This could be so graceful and people will ensure to have the best travelling news ever.


Some days back there were lot of train accidents so be aware. Many people fell into the deep gauge which is not good. There are many things in the world which adore in the veins of us. Travelling is the most important thing which many people should do in leisure time. Many researches have been found that you must go to the deep valleys to enjoy the travelling. Many people are so true to love each other and they find some important places. Two buses were fallen down in the swat valley because of heavy rain on the occasion of Eid. This could be so graceful and people will ensure to have the best travelling news ever. The death toll arose so much and people get hurt so much. Travelling is the passion of many people and gives everyone courage to happy each day. It loves the entire body and gives you happy moment to enjoy the occasion.

Travelling car:

Travelling has introduced the new car which runs with the help of water. It saves lot of energy and makes everyone more secure. People will love to travel in the car where car is running with water no petrol is needed. It is really true and people will love to travel in this car. Travelling is the passion of many people and gives everyone courage to happy each day. It loves the entire body and gives you happy moment to enjoy the occasion. All people have bought this car and this saves the lifetime petrol of that kind of persons which is perfect. Travelling car is just an awesome way to reach to specific destination and car is so expensive.



How can you save your money while travelling?

Trips to far apart are now a part of life. With the advancement in time a lot of facilities are available for the passengers to travel far apart. This will becomes the problems of passengers easy by giving them relief during travelling like they get easy and short way which consume less time to take them toward their destinations. Researches also upgrade the level of travelling by giving them facilities of food, relax seat, cool and hot air etc. but still passengers face a big problem that is the coast problem. Travelling are although become easy now but getting expensive day by day.

Although travelling is expensive but there are some simple ways which can cut the expense to some extents. Some of them are as follow:

  • Experts and travel agents always advise that change your currency from your trusted person. Avoid to change currency at very last minute at airport or in your hotel. The reason is that they will charge you 10 percent more. If you are bound to change currency from that unknown place then you must give yourself a time to move around, fund all those who are doing this task, compare their rates and then finally choose the one which is best for you.
  • Exchange enough cash or little bit more cash than your desire need or demand before going to travelling.
  • Avoid to use credit cards also as companies have fixed their interest rates when you use credit card to change your currency.
  • During your stay in abroad or far places try to eat local food. As when you are going to restaurant’s to have lunch or dinner it will cost you extra. Each food restaurants has fixed its service charges that will be extra burden on you.
  • It is suggested that but food from the small shops and eat like you are doing picnic.
  • Special care must be taken in choosing shops from where you get discounts and cheap rates. A lot of stores are as they give discounts on products. The need of time is just to find out that stores and get desire products.
  • Always try to book your seat early. As when you book your seat or purchase ticket on time it will cost you more. But when you book the same seat a month or weeks before then you get the normal rates.

A new and advance step toward the printing world with 4D printing

People of now a days was really very impressed with the 3D printing using three dimensions of geometry. This technique makes shapes in more easy and versatile way. Here is fabulous news for all those which seek new and more creative in the field of printing. Now with the discovery of fourth dimension 4D printing is introduced. It is use to give complex shape structure.

This technique was first introduced by students and experts of Indonesian university of technology and design. They start with the 3D models of structure that have the ability to fold themselves. These structures can fold from components. There are a lot of factors that facilitate these folding from components. These factors includes weather condition, moisture conditions,, air etc. so these factors act as stimuli. These expert and researchers used special types of polymers for this purpose named as smart shape memory polymer. These polymers have the ability to remember one shape but they can be transform into one other shape on conditions. This shape is already fixed in their programs. All those 3D structures which have different dynamic mechanical properties and use multiple materials in printing got the ability to change its structure or shape. This change is in mannered form and in controlled conditions. Depends upon the inner programming when these smart memory polymers are heated then they each give a different shape. These programs can be self-assemble by carefully timed.

When we talk about the experts of the university about the starting of their research then jerry Qi a professor said that at the start to discover this application they heated the polymers. This heating was controlled and on various parts of the polymers. He said that it was highly complicated. Then they used to apply a constant and uniform temperature on polymers. This method was easy and more responsive. As a result of this method change of shape occur in various materials.

Although 4D PRINTING has been discovered yet and researcher are going to be continue in this manner. This technique is not fully equipped now to facilitate the clients. It require a lot of experiments and researches to become more efficient and less coast consuming. It is thought that this technique will be introduced commercially in 2019. In early years of the introducing this technique as a commercial facilitating technique it will acquire 43% of rating, according to research center. Then its rating become increase with the passage of time.

Get aware of technologies with Myanmar

Increase rate of population also increase the demands and needs of the common people which are hard to meet especially in under developing countries. The big reason is the low coast of local industries working in those countries. Private sectors and local industries did not get as much opportunities as they should have to be get. This will affect their working and quality parameters. A strong projection named as Myanmar economic development and growth now taking interest in toward the production and growth rate of local industries. This year it make relation with ASEAN economic community and with the help of some powerful countries they bring more trade and economic activities in under developing countries.

how this company enhance the production rate?

In this fast world of technologies, competition among companies becomes increases day by day. To overcome the demand of world and to make place in market by competing with opponents new and update technologies are required. One of the drawback of our local industries is that they do not have enough knowledge about the right use of technology at right time. In order to enhance the production rates of local companies Myanmar first highlight the latest techniques and technologies which can give them more benefits. Then recommended these technologies to respected companies and provide environment for them. This fact enhance their production rates. It organize events and invite participants from different countries and regions and give them information about the right use of technologies. They not only educate them by giving them information or showing them the working but also presents such tools in front of them to give them maximum chance of getting high progress.

Myanmar with relation to countries grabs the investors so that they fulfill the productivity need on vast scale quickly. Business needs are becoming more and more and advance in form day by day. The only way to get rid of this situation is the knowledge and understanding about the technologies and then utilizes them in real by using their capabilities. Only this is the way which is more professional and by which a small local company can get success and meet their dreams in real. So the work of Myanmar in upgrading the technologies surely helps the companies to give strong economy to their company. In this way they set high and respectful standard for their country in international market and become able to invest more.